What Does the Future of Music Tech Look Like?

What Does the Future of Music Tech Look Like?

At the We Are Robots Festival – a cutting edge, innovative music festival at London’s Venue 93 Feet East – the Audio Engineering Society’s London co-chair held a unique and interesting panel based on what we are going to need to expect when it comes to music technology in the future. He found 4 of the most innovative music tech people out there – BAFTA film and TV composer Alex Parsons, futurist Amelia Kallman, music producer Dan Potter, and cellist Abi Wade to hold the panel.

They talked for about an hour about all of the changes that are going on right now in the music tech industry. For example, Strata, which uses your vitals information (blood pressure, heart rate, etc) to put together a virtual reality experience that matches it, is getting a lot of buzz. Miro Shot (artists of all types that are collaborating on projects) are going in another direction with augmented reality experiences related to their musical acts (think Pokémon Go).

Not only that, but people are using ordinary tools – like surround sound systems – in order to add spatial elements to DJ acts, to make changes in how sound fluctuates in a room or to give people a new experience based on where the speakers may be located and what they are located near. The panel was filled with conversations about the cool things that these professionals have seen.

There are always risks associated with such things – we could end up feeling overwhelmed or, in some cases, end up with some physical symptoms like anxiety-related responses. While there can be texting before those things go public, there are still some other considerations to make. For many, the risks that they take to try these new things and share them with the world can go a really long way and make it so that they can make big changes. The risks are always a conversation point, and they were at this specific panel as well.

Feedback from audiences, sharing, and collaboration are at the core of what sound and audio professionals have to be able to do in order to keep moving forward with innovation and technology. As the technology gets better and people get more involved with the whole process, it’s going to end up growing and people will work things out.

One of the big points that the panelists made was that, without any sort of collaboration, many musicians and audio professionals would not be able to stretch the tech as far as they are able to do so. That’s why, in the future, we will likely see a lot more collaboration than even now – and many agree that this is a great thing.

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