The Excitement of Australian Music Week

The Excitement of Australian Music Week

Australian Music Week was at the beginning of November, and it was kicked off in Cronulla, Sydney by Labor Senator Glenn Sterle. The senator supports local musicians – so much that he suggested that radio stations that play local music should get lower licensing fees – and presented a keynote on commercial radio and the Australian music scene.

The entire week (which is really just a weekend, November 7th to 9th) is an amazing festival where over 100 different acts from around Australia and around the world are playing in amazing concerts and experiences that attendees will never forget. Artists for 2018’s festival included DOBBY, Goodnight Japan, Ben Leece, Mark Lang, and more.

There were also 48 professionals who offer master classes, panels, and more. They talk about things like music technology, doing deals, working out marketing, the future of local and folk music, and even self care and mental health care while traveling. It’s definitely focused on helping musicians and music enthusiasts that are coming out to enjoy the festival and everything that it has to offer.

There’s even a film festival associated with the weekend – there are 13 different screenings, six full-length films, a short film, and tons of world and international premieres. In short, the entire weekend is filled with learning about music and musicians, and it’s something that no one in Sydney should miss. 2018 is over, but they will be starting to sell 2019 tickets and put together the roster for 2019 soon.

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