Budget’s Tech Tax May Be Great for Music in Schools and UK Life

Budget’s Tech Tax May Be Great for Music in Schools and UK Life

The Chancellor’s Budget is something that everyone looks at yearly, and there are always questions about what some of the things are going to mean. This year, the Government has added a “tech tax” which will put a 2% levy on any company that generates sales in the United Kingdom for any reason at all.

Since many of the technology giants have been criticized for how little they pay in UK taxes in the past, this was a method in which the Government worked toward being able to get some more money from Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and other tech giants worldwide. As a part of the same budget, the Chancellor also put £400 million into school systems, which is why music advocates have started to step up to the plate and make some statements about how they’d like that money to be used.

The Incorporated Society of Musicians made a statement saying that the tech tax should be used for creative industries within the UK, such as music and music education, since now is the time to invest in such things. The Society, among others, state that music is a right for kids and that they should have access to music education.  UK Music, among other organizations, has done studies on the decline of music education in schools and have seen some concerning numbers in regards to it.

The tech levy is absolutely welcome to the United Kingdom, and there is a lot of good that will come into the country as a result to it – especially to education. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the money that goes into the schools as a result of this year’s budget as well.

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