Audio Interfaces – For Women?

Audio Interfaces – For Women?

New music technology is always a great thing – and in the world of dance music, it’s been growing by more and more. Women in the industry are leading the way, showing off their stuff (and showing up many of the men in the industry) with their consistency and creativity. Many in the industry have been trying to grow by leaps and bounds while avoiding gendered language (“female DJ”), but then comes MIDIPLUS.

They’ve released a product that they call Mirror – which looks like a makeup kit where you have your blush stored. It is completely – and laughably – sexist and really shows how unaware that some marketing professionals are when it comes to the changes that are found in the world related to “men’s” and “women’s” items.

With an audio setup that looks more like you’re picking your eyeshadow than your next beat, it’s a really unfortunate step back that MIDIPLUS is likely not going to recover from too easily in the long run. It’s not necessarily a bad setup – it probably works just fine for the job and some people are going to like the fact that it’s compact, easy to move around, and easy to use. But the design and the words that are used to describe it, for example, “gently open” and “launch the mirror light”, are a bit on the insulting side.

Gender labels in the industry can do more harm than good, and it’s important that we recognize where companies are trying to pigeonhole and label people when they shouldn’t be. As we make the industry more gender neutral and see what there is from everyone who contributes to the industry, then we will find that there’s plenty of room for all of the awesome artists that are coming into the picture.

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