Alexa’s Most Requested Albums – Revealed!

Alexa’s Most Requested Albums – Revealed!

If you have any sort of Alexa enabled device, then you know that there are times where you just ask her to pull up an album so that you can enjoy some of your favorite tunes. That being said, who are some of the most requested albums on the voice activated speakers? There are a few that aren’t super surprising, whereas others may be.

Ed Sheeran had 3 of the five top most requested albums out there – which is a big deal, because he’s still pretty popular. There are all sorts of stars in the top 50 as well – Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Cardi B are some of the big names that you’ll see on the list. But, here’s the thing – only 8 of the albums in the 50 most requested albums were released in 2018.

What does this mean? As you may expect, people are using these devices to get their music, they’re actually looking for music that they already know, which can be problematic when you look at what the music industry actually wants you to listen to (new stuff).

This may mean that the music industry has to do some research as to how they can get people’s attention and how they could know to ask Alexa for the “new hotness” when it comes to the music that they offer. How is this going to affect the technology that music industry people are going to look at? It all depends. It means that musicians and marketing professionals are going to have to get better at pushing new material, or finding ways to monetize the old material, so that they can keep up.

What was the last album you asked Alexa to pull up? You may be surprised to see if it’s on the 50 most requested albums or not.

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