About TheWavPlace

Doing what I love to do 🙂

I put together the TheWavPlace.com because I know that it can be hard to find one place where you can learn as much as possible about the trends and changes in the industry. The fact of the matter is, this industry is massive and there are always all sorts of new things that you can try and do in order to make yourself stand out – it’s a big deal!

A big part of this constant news cycle is the fact that technology is changing our industry for the best it has ever been. Not only does that mean that you’re looking at the trends that are going on in the specific sort of industry that you’re interested in, but you’re also looking at the cool technologies that are out there that can give you some solid options. These technologies are always new and changing, and I’ve seen some people really try to adapt to what’s out and fresh.

Here at TheWavPlace, I’m going to be putting myself out there and working to help you to get ahead – and stay ahead – of many of the pieces of news that you want to know about the industry if you’re really getting in deep. While I definitely know that I can’t get my hands on everything for you, I’m here to help you learn and see what there is. I’ll be hooking you up with some fresh news to help you learn and see what it is that you need to get done in order to stay ahead of it all.

Love DJ’ing. Wouldn’t want it any other way.

I also want to help you connect with every resource that is out there that’s related to making music. Whether it’s a way to find other music makers, sites that offer free beats that can help you to get inspiration, or fun places where you can go in order to learn as much as possible about new trends in the music industry; I want to be able to provide you with links and help you to see what there is to do and enjoy on the web in the first place.

So sit back, relax, and chill out with DJ Ruckus. I can’t wait to hear from you and get started on this adventure together. We can work together to learn about what is going to be new and how we’re going to be able to connect with the newest beats and properties in order to take care of everything. Connect with me and help me to check out the newest news available too – we can work together to make TheWavPlace the best site available for music makers around the whole entire world.