About Me

Hey there, hi there! I’m DJ Ruckus – but my real name is Brian Rucker. Yes, I know, I was super creative with my stage name. I’m a 30-something (a DJ never shares his age!) DJ from the Pacific Northwest, but I was raised in the Northeastern United States. I lived with my family in a rural part of Pennsylvania – like, super rural. The most rural you could get without being completely isolated from civilization.  We had a dairy farm and lots of chickens – which taught me a lot about enjoying life and working hard.

Now, how does a country boy like me end up all the way across the country, becoming a DJ, starting up TheWavPlace.com, and enjoying what life has to offer in this part of the world? That’s a great question. The first answer to that is that I decided that I wanted to go out to the west to go to college – I knew that to be a big shot in any sort of entertainment, California was where I needed to head to get my education.

Few snaps of me DJ’ing around the world

I went to a small, private university in central Cali, and I went for sound engineering – I wasn’t quite sure that I’d be the best performer – but behind the scenes, I could rock it. I learned all of the ins and outs of the industry, figuring out what there was to learn and how I was gonna try to connect with people so that I could enjoy what was available and how I could

There, at uni, I met my now-spouse, Shannon. Shannon is a teacher, teaching middle school science now. We got married right after we got out of college, and I told her that I thought that I may want to try the DJing thing – I’d covered for some buddies while we had been at college and had enjoyed, it went well and I thought I’d be able to do it full time in the area that we moved to for Shannon’s job.

Shannon was totally for it – we worked out a plan that made it easier on both of us and I started trying some new things out. I started getting booked for small things – like birthday parties and whatnot. But, when Shannon’s school needed a replacement DJ for a dance, that’s when I hit the big time – one of the parents heard me rocking out with their kids, loved what I was doing, and I got a regular gig at their restaurant. Now, I’m hitting all over this part of the state and I couldn’t be happier with my job.

So yeah, that’s where I’m coming from. Now, I’m DJ Ruckus, dropping some sick beats and sharing as much as I can find when I’m out and about online and seeing the cool things that are going on in the world. In short, I’m here on TheWavPlace to be a resource and to make sure that other people are just as able to start finding the same sort of success that I have. Thanks for sticking around and I can’t wait to see what we can do together.